About Us

“We are a non-profit association in Malaysia that promoting and supporting volunteering and community participation.”

Angles Bud Volunteer includes Volunteering Malaysia – We love We Care and the school of Volunteer Management, a registered training organization.

Here’s just a few of the goals that volunteering can help you achieve:

• To summon up the enthusiastic group over the social services
• To create awareness of the needs for today non-profit organization
• To develop future leaders with love, care and responsible to the community
Key programs
Our key program areas reflect our focus as an association. They include:
Volunteer referral
Corporate volunteering
Engaging young people through student community involvement
Research and policy
Accredited and non-accredited training
Information and communication
Our core business and objectives are to:

• Develop and deliver high quality mission-focused programs.
• Strengthen our associations role and key relationships
• Attract, serve and retain members
• Ensure a strong and sustainable financial base.
• Clarify, develop and communicate our brand, who we are and what we do.
• Attract, develop and retain good staff.
• Be guided by key governance issues.

Our Centre employs 56 staff and involves more than 300 volunteers delivering services, programs, training and information to non-profit organizations and people wishing to volunteer.