Here at Angels Bud International Centre, the very core of our commitment is to provide high quality education.

We understand that each individual member of 
our school is unique, worthy of respect and to be encouraged and nurtured as a learner and an individual.

Quite simply, we aim to ensure that upon joining us, our pupils quickly become happy, confident learners are normal and actually provide great steppingstones to personal success. Academic standards are high and personal achievement is recognized and celebrated in many ways throughout the school.

In these testing financial times, we have kept our tuition fees at a very competitive level and are able to offer the finest prep school teaching and learning environment in Angels Bud. Our pupils experience a genuine family ethos, which combines the very best of traditional and modern approaches; the kind of place in which you can be sure your child will be nurtured and challenged according to his or her individual needs.

We were delighted that our school high quality teaching and pastoral standards were judged as excellent throughout the years. We know you will find our inspection report to be very impressive but we also hold the opinion that “WE LOVE WE CARE”.